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About us

“Leader Food Process” is a Tunisian company that has specialized for 

21years in the selection and conditioning of the best flavors that nature offers.

Under the brand name “The Jar” we guarantee the quality and purity of our products which are 100% natural that meet the international safety and
sustainability standards.

Our goal is to ensure our customers’ satisfaction
and exceed their expectations.

Elkhabia Company


A simple pinch is enough to sublimate your dishes!

Mixes and Seasonings

Blends and seasoning

Adapted to each of your dishes, to make your life easier.

Herbs and Seasonings

Herbs and aromatics

Where pleasure and health come together.



For unparalleled flavors.

Condiments and Sauces

Condiments and Sauces

Toppings and smoked flavors to accompany your dishes.

Dry vegetables

Dry vegetables

Enriching your healthy and balanced meals.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits

Essential for your sweet and savory recipes.



With multiple nutritional contributions.

Pastry sweets

Pastry sweets

Pleasant tastes that invite themselves to your parties and occasions.


Benefiting from optimal logistics, we manage to cover our entire national territory. Our goal is to supply you as soon as possible with the help of a new rolling stock that meets hygiene standards. Transport, equipped with techniques that overcome environmental constraints, guarantees an intact taste value.

The delivery is ensured by merchandisers, well distributed throughout the Tunisian territory with the aim of ensuring the presence and distribution of our products to the four corners of Tunisia.

Similarly, we provide our resellers with displays that bear the visual identity of our El Khabia brand and that will allow them to display our references optimally to have more aesthetic and commercial impact with consumers.


Customer satisfaction

Given that «El Khabia» sis oriented to B2B markets, our resellers, distributors and supermarkets all over the world testify to its professionalism. The orders received are processed with great precision and attention. Our staff takes great care to meet the needs of customers wherever they are and in record time. We manage our stocks accordingly to the flow of orders, for an intact taste value.

Quality service

Once our orders have been delivered, our service does not stop there. We continue to support and advise our clients in their sales strategies. By collaborating with our sales teams, we remain attentive to our customers in order to present the best of ourselves. Our skilled merchandisers provide satisfactory after-sales service.


We package our products in food packaging to preserve taste and freshness. The packaging is presented with an easy opening for the comfort of use. The bags are made of 90 micron food-grade plastic to properly protect the product they contain. Our packages are accompanied by quality certificates obtained on behalf of our suppliers, ensuring the good conditions of transport and use of our products.